Volume 1, Issue 2



Volume 1 issue 2

Jain Temples of Murshidabad

Balaknath Bhattacharyya

The Legends of a lost civilization – The Prachi Valley

Sarita Dash

The Wonder of the Kakatiya Art-Ramappa Temple

Arpita Joshi

Some Unknown Monuments in Nuh, Haryana

Banani Bhattacharyya

Heritage building restoration and adaptive reuse- a challenge

Basudeb Malik

A Short Note on the Recent Discovery of Sanauli and its Harappan Connection

Krishnendu Das

The Terracotta temple of Antpur: An Attempt to Study the Importance of Heritage Management

Bhagyasree Bose

A Note on the Late Medieval Temples in the Hooghly district of West Bengal

Arabinda Singha Roy

Role of Archaeological Survey of India For Conservation of Monuments of Ekamra Kshetra In Post-Independence Period

Prasanna Kumar Dikhit

Book Review on Debalgarh Anulia Pratnakkhtra

Balaknath Bhattacharyya

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Archaeological Surveys in India and Archaeological Survey of India

Prof. Alok Tripathi

Ballal Dhipi in Nadia District of West Bengal An Archaeological Overview

Tamal Dutta

Problems and Prospect of Management of Archaeological Sites in West Bengal

Dr. Debasis Kumar Mondal

Challenges for Cultural Tourism & Sustainability of the World Heritage Site of Angkor, Cambodia

Asmita Basu Chatterjee

Depiction of Art as Reflected on Kunal Ceramics

Dr. Banani Bhattacharya

Settlements in the Late Medieval Ramgarh, Jharkhand

Arabinda Singha Roy, Geeta Ojha, Subhajit Sen, and AvinashGiri

Design, Development and Application of Robotic Arm in the Field of Archaeological Excavations

Sayontan Parua, Sunit Verma, Nilay Dutta, Subhajit Bera and Anustup Chatterjee

Commonality of Indian Tradition and Art (with special reference to the story of Shibi and Megharatha)

Dr. Shanti Swaroop Sinha

Hayagriva - Madhava Temple at Hajo A study of the late medieval temple style of Koch Ruler, Assam

Prof. Durga Basu

Hayagriva - Madhava Temple at Hajo A study of the late medieval temple style of Koch Ruler, Assam

Prof. Durga Basu

A Survey of Buddhist Sculptural Art from Coastal West Bengal

Dr. Kallol Dasgupta

A Study of Ivory & Bone Sculptural Art of Bengal

Dr. Sumita Guha

Terracotta Reliefs of Bhattabati Ratneshwar Temple, Murshidabad A Study of the Contemporary Socio Religious Scenario of West Bengal

Balaknath Bhattacharyya

Parvati- the Dance Devotee

Niladri Kumar Gunin

Conservation of Historic Buildings and their Adaptive Re-use

Dr.Tapan Bhattacharya

Principle and Methodology of Scientific Conservation and Preservation for Built Cultural Heritage

Dr.Surajit Maiti

In Search of a Lost Capital: A Geo-archaeological Analysis of the Site-Debalgarh

Dr. Biswajit Roy

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